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The all New Fishing Discount Direct Fall 2014!

Fishing Discount Direct has made plans for the fall of 2015 to better serve our customers. While the last couple months have been very busy for us we have decided to focus on an more customer focused approach to doing business with new leadership, broader product brand selections, new customer service staff and all new state of the art web site launching in the next couple months. We are excited to take our business to the next level with live inventory qty's, up to the minute order tracking system, live customer service chat, rewards program, affililate program for our loyal customers to earn commissions for referrals and much much more coming before Christmas 2014. 

With this big change coming to Fishing Discount Direct.com there may have been some orders that got mixed in the shuffle. If so don't worry it is our duty and goal to make sure every last order gets taken care of from the past, present and future as we make this 360 degree change in our business model. Please use the form below to send us an email so that we can make sure your order is complete and you are 100% Satisfied. 

Reaction Innovations is the leader in developing unique baits designed to catch more and bigger fish. From the Sweet Beaver™ to the Dominator™, Ball Breaker™ to the Trixie Shark™, we offer a full line of soft plastics that cannot be equaled! Please browse our catalog to purchase direct online. Our products can also be purchased at tackle shops nationwide, and most likely near you! Visit their site at https://www.reactioninnovations.com
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Reaction Innovations 3.5'' Lil Dipper Bad Shad/Green 9pk
Reaction Innovations 3.5'' Lil Dipper Bull Frog
Reaction Innovations 3.5'' Lil Dipper California 420 9pk
Reaction Innovations 3.5'' Lil Dipper Dirty Sanchez - 9pk
Reaction Innovations 3.5'' Lil Dipper Green Goby
Reaction Innovations 3.5'' Lil Dipper Guntersville Shad - 9pk
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