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Smithwick Lures

Choose Smithwick Lures for the Latest in Fishing Lure Technology

For more than six decades, anglers have trusted Smithwick Lures to provide the latest in fishing lure finish technology. It all started when founder Jack Smithwick's father carved his first fishing lures from the handles of brooms his mother kept around the house. Today, impressive manufacturing facilities produce colorful fishing lures that have become the favorites of pro bass and walleye freshwater fishermen.

Smithwick's artificial floating lures produce explosive strikes year-round. Whether cast or trolled, their loud fish-attracting rattles and wounded-minnow action are astoundingly effective. The eye-catching, fish-enticing Rattlin' Rogue colors are carefully designed to match the various models' specific specie use. Another fisherman favorite, the Smithwick Limited Rogue, features scale backs, gill plates, predator eyes and metalized bodies. The combination of refined paint schemes and bright plated bodies creates an unmatched lifelike depth and flash.

The Smithwick Lure Company is proud of the standard it has established for quality, value, and performance in fishing lures. We provide lures with all of the attributes anglers have come to know and expect when it comes to hooking the monster freshwater fish.

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Smithwick Devil Horse 1/2 Chrome/Black (SKU: AF231)
Smithwick Devil Horse 1/2 Frog (SKU: AF227)
Smithwick Devil Horse 1/2 Green/Black (SKU: AF290)
Smithwick Devil Horse 1/2 Silver/Shiner (SKU: AF213)
Smithwick Devil Horse 1/2 Tiger Foan (SKU: AF207)
Smithwick Devil Horse 1/2 White/Black (SKU: AF210)
Smithwick Devil Horse 1/2 Yellow/Black (SKU: AF205)
Smithwick Devil Horse 3/8 Bass Orange Belly (SKU: AF192OB)
Smithwick Devil Horse 3/8 Bull Frog (SKU: AF127)
Smithwick Devil Horse 3/8 Chrome/Black (SKU: AF131)
Smithwick Devil Horse 3/8 Chrome/Black/OB (SKU: AF131OB)
Smithwick Devil Horse 3/8 Chrome/Blue (SKU: AF132)
Smithwick Devil Horse 3/8 Chrome/Blue/Orange Belly (SKU: AF132OB)
Smithwick Devil Horse 3/8 Green/Black (SKU: AF190)
Smithwick Devil Horse 3/8 Perch (SKU: AF109)
Smithwick Devil Horse 3/8 Silver Shiner (SKU: AF113)
Smithwick Devil Horse 3/8 Tiger Roan (SKU: AF107)
Smithwick Devil Horse 3/8 White/Black (SKU: AF110)
Smithwick Devil Horse 3/8 Yellow/Black (SKU: AF105)
Smithwick Menendez Rattlin Rogue 4.5" Avacado Shad (SKU: ASDRB12194)
Smithwick Menendez Rattlin Rogue 4.5" Purple Dart (SKU: ASDRB12197)
Smithwick Menendez Rattlin Rogue 4.5" Red Bream (SKU: ASDRB12198)
Smithwick Menendez Rattlin Rogue 4.5" Red Sunrise (SKU: ASDRB12195)
Smithwick Menendez Rattlin Rogue 4.5" Tequila (SKU: ASDRB12193)
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